Positano is among the most beautiful tourist destinations in Italy

Positano is among the most beautiful tourist destinations in Italy

Lying dramatically on the cliffs of the Amalfi Coast, Positano is a postcard-perfect town. Its stone-lined streets, flowering lemon, orange and olive groves, not to mention stunning architecture, jut out into the Mediterranean. In quintessential Italian style, these streets are also filled with a stream of chic restaurants, boutiques and hotels.

A vertical city, instead of roads, visitors explore along steep stairs. Positano Never fails to seduce From the sea, Positano stretches out in a dazzling vertical panorama of colour; Green for Monte Lattari or Mount Lattari, white, pink and yellow for its Mediterranean houses, silver gray for its pebbled beaches and blue of the sea.

You will find everything you can make with lemons in the Amalfi Coast in the store "I Sapori di Positano", in Via Mulini 6. Buy a pair of the most beautiful sandals in the world at Safari Sandali, in Via della Tartana 2. Buy an original piece from Moda Positano in the boutique The historical Maria Lampo, at via Pasitea 16.

the legend

The name Positano is linked to a legend. In ancient times, a Turkish boat beached itself off the shores of what has since become known as Positano. On board the ship there was a painting of the Virgin Mary. The captain heard the painting whisper "Posa, posa" ("Put me down, put me down") and obediently threw the picture overboard. Miraculously, the ship floated. Locals built a church on the spot where the painting washed ashore, and interpreted the incident as a sign that Our Lady had chosen their city as a resting place.

How to get to Positano

If you're driving from the west, towards the east, Positano is the first town you'll encounter on the Amalfi Coast. The city is about a 75-minute drive from Naples and twenty minutes from Sorrento. You can also reach Positano by one of the buses operated by the Sitta bus company, and in the summer months, by boat.

Discover the ancient history of Positano by visiting the local Archaeological Museum Romano, recently opened on the site where an ancient Roman villa once stood below the chapel of the Church of Maria Assunta. Visitors can admire parts of the original architecture and decorations to learn about Positano's Roman history with the help of multimedia presentations that explain in depth the ruins. .

Positano Beaches Spiaggia Grande, is the heart of Positano's sea edge. At 300 meters long, the beach is one of the largest on the Amalfi Coast, and one of the most glamorous too, attracting a crowd of artists, actors and celebrities.